1-day Kitesurfing lesson

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1-day Kitesurfing lesson

Wondering if kitesurfing is for you? Then go for a 1-day course. Or book a single kitesurfing lesson if you already have experience.

This day is all about discovering kiting. We start with a bit of theory about the wind, kitesurfing location and safety systems. Then we will kite with the trainer-kite (small 2-line kite). When you have mastered these skills it is time for the big kite (4-line). We end the day bodydragging through the water.

Prefer to learn more? Then book a 3-day course!

Explaining kitesurfing lessons at Kitesurfspot kitesurf school. The location to learn to kitesurf.

What does 1-day introductory course look like?


  • Estimate when it is safe to kitesurf

  • Learn about the wind window + the power zone

  • Use the safety systems

  • Body behavior through the water


  • Practice with a trainer kite

  • How do I position my body relative to the kite?

  • Practice launching and landing a 4-line kite

  • Bodydrag with a 4-line kite and trapeze


  • Get familiar with a kite

  • Know how the bar (steering wheel & gas pedal) works

  • Learn how to dose power

  • Get more self-assurance

What are you going for?

Kitesurfing instructors and students of kitesurfing school kitesurfspot are always happy! What a relaxing days on the water of the sand motor.

Private Kitesurfing Lesson


  • Most effective, own instructor and own set

  • Advanced who want to sail upwind or make turns

  • Beginners book this kitesurfing lesson to become independent as quickly as possible

  • Fastest learning curve

Book a private course
Explaining the kites during a kitesurfing lesson. The ideal conditions to learn the basics!

Duo Kitesurfing Lesson


  • Super for couples and friends

  • Max. 2 people per class

  • Watch, practice and learn from each other

  • Suitable for kids from 8 years and up

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Happy people we make even happier when we teach them to kitesurf during a kitesurfing lesson. See here a photo showing our students with the IKO instructor.

Most booked by beginners

Group Kitesurfing Lesson


  • Explanation of all safety and materials

  • Max. 3 people per class

  • Practice on and in the water

  • Perfect for a group of friends

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The beautiful, most comprehensive kitesurfing school in the Netherlands. Kitesurfspot has a cool kite hut from which we give kitesurfing lessons! Happy vibes.


Good to know: once you have booked a group or duo lesson on your own, but the group is not complete yet, you will be put on a waiting list.

If you don't want to wait for that and want to get on the water as soon as possible,
quickly find a buddy (or several!) with whom you can schedule your kitesurfing course.

No additional cost

A kitesurfing course includes the equipment: kite, bar, board, harness, helmet, walktietalkie (private lessons). The only thing you rent is your wetsuit (€7.50 per lesson). Of course, you can also bring your own wetsuit.


Kitesurfspot values quality, which is why the lessons are professional and safe. The level is in accordance with the requirements of the International Kiteboarding Organization.

The Hague (Kijkduin)

The kit school is on the beach and next to the fun beach club Beachclub Birds. We are also mobile and can teach at multiple locations in The Hague, Scheveningen and Monster as desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enthusiastic about the 1-day course? Great! Perhaps you still have a question and it is listed here.

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